Position Title: Guard

About Roots of Peace:

Roots of Peace is a humanitarian organization that has worked in war-torn countries around the world with our partners to remove the remnants of war, landmines and unexploded ordinance, and restore the land in order to rebuild peaceful communities for generations to come. For the past twenty years, the Roots of Peace award-winning “Mines to Vines” approach has impacted one million farmers and families, enabling the exports worth over $150 million to international markets. Since beginning our work in Afghanistan in 2003, Roots of Peace has worked with agricultural value chains in every province of the country resulting in 100,000 tons of exports, creating over 9,000 full-time agribusiness jobs that benefited more than 38,000 families from these value chain approaches. From farmers to exporters, Roots of Peace develops entire agricultural value chains by implementing the ROP Development Model which is designed to serve as a catalyst to generate much broader impact industry-wide – improving incomes for smallholder farmers, bringing peace to rural communities, transforming national industries.

Job Description:

  • Ensure Visitors are registered on organization premises.
  • Observe and log every person and organization asset movement.
  • Conducted a safety check for all vehicles before departing for field missions and report any findings to the direct supervisor.
  • Use of technical screening equipment to prevent prohibited items from entering the facility.
  • Ensure any assets and goods are going out have an approved gate pass and ensure to register.
  • Conducted regular and accurate checks of premises, and maintain continuous surveillance against fire, water leakage, and deposit of dangerous objects during the night shift.
  • Ensure all VHF handsets are functional by charging batteries promptly.
  • Report any incidents or actions that involve security procedures to the supervisor.
  • Report case of incident/emergency, and immediately use communications systems to alert a supervisor.
  • Provided final report end of the shift and handed over the duty to the next shift.
  • Check each and every office and make sure that all the possible entrances and exits are closed, and all the lights/electric equipment are switched off.

Job Requirements:


  • A high School Diploma or equivalent and a minimum of 2 years of related experience are desired.
  • Following Complex Instructions
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Knowledge of Security Operations and Procedure
  • Manage Multiple Tasks
  • Knowledge of Basic Security and Fire Inspection Procedures
  • Lifting
  • Surveillance Skills
  • Objectivity
  • Dependability
  • Emotional Control
  • Integrity
  • Safety Management
  • Professionalism

Submission Guideline:

Important Note: Applicants should copy and paste the relevant Vacancy Announcement Number, Position Title, and Province Name (mentioned below) into the email subject line when submitting their application. Please do not add any other information in the subject line of your email except the Position title, Vacancy Number, and province name. Applications received without a VA Number will not be considered.

1. Nangarhar (AFN-1331)

“Roots of Peace does not want to disrupt government functionings and therefore cannot hire government staff.

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