Facebook marketing job

Facebook Marketing Manager

You’re the go-to person for all things Facebook Marketing. You know your way around the platform, and you can create campaigns that work for your company. You’re always looking for ways to improve your skills, too.

We’re looking for a Facebook Marketing Manager who will help us make sure we’re on top of our game every day—and who will help us grow in the long run. In this role, you’ll be responsible for creating content, sharing it on our social media channels, and managing campaigns. You’ll also be responsible for gauging the success of those campaigns and making adjustments as needed.

You should have experience in marketing or similar roles where you’re responsible for creating content and managing social media accounts. We expect that you have a strong understanding of Facebook’s tools and how they work with one another (e.g., analytics) as well as an understanding of business needs when it comes to content creation and management online (e.g., customer surveys).

Sounds like you? Great! Come join our team!

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