Position Title: Web Developer

Job Title  Web Developer
Location  Kabul
Professional Area  Programming 


Essential Requirement
Education    Bachelor
Years of Experience    3 -4 years 
Experience Type    Web development
Preferred Requirement
Education    Master
Years of Experience   7
Experience Type  Professional

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Job Summary


Web developer must write, test, and debug back-end code that supports websites and web applications. This role requires a high level of technical expertise and familiarity with both the programming language and related technologies, such as relational databases and servers. Web developer must work closely with front-end developer to determine a project’s specifications and scope and translate this information into functional, reliable, and scalable code.

Web developer must highly involve with testing, debugging, and deploying server-side code and technology. Most work on the principle of continuous integration to ensure that their code remains stable and usable even as the scale increases.

Duties & Responsibilities

Major Duties and responsibilities

Web developer duties and responsibilities includes but not limits to the below:

• Design, develop and code server-side elements of a web-based application, including the logic and architecture that support user-facing activities.

• Web developer must work with other web programmers to determine functional needs and how to deliver a high level of reliability and speed to the end user.

• Throughout the web development lifecycle, web developer must also work closely with front-end developer to ensure that user-facing and server-side elements work together seamlessly to deliver the web-based application to end-users.

• Web developer must ensure that their data and that of their user’s are secure at all times by integrating the latest data and information security protocols into their code.

• Periodic audits and updates of security protocols to prevent intrusion or data loss and to ensure that information submitted by users is correctly handled and encrypted while they use the site or application.

• Another major duty of the web developer is designing data handling, storage, and processing logic. This requires extensive familiarity with data structure, along with experience in relational database systems such as SQL.

• Maintaining code libraries and detailed documentation.

• Should be able to maintain and track activities progress.

• Should be able to plan, propose, and communicate.

• The web developer will report to the developer’s team leader within the project team.

• Gather and refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs (Requirement Specification).

• Model Diagrams based on software development approaches.

• Oversee production and implementation.

• Design data-driven applications, and find efficient client-server solutions.

• Create site layout/user interface of web application.

• Implementing secure web application.

• Backend development.

Job Requirements

• Programming – excellent programming skills are a necessity in this role; web developer should be able to write clean, responsive, maintainable and scalable code to make websites and applications functional. Candidate must have valid certification or past experience with below technologies.


• PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor, also known as Personal Home Page).

• CodeIgniter/ Laravel Framework.

• Bootstrap, Foundation, Tailwind and other famous frontend UI libraries.

• JavaScript, JSON, jQuery and AJAX.

• Angular 8 or higher.

• Web socket.

• Node JS.

• Web design and development.

• Multimedia design.

• Digital media development.

• Interactive computing.

• Candidates who know JAVA are preferred.

• Database –Web developer rely on their familiarity with relational databases, so experience with data management and organization is helpful.

• Troubleshooting – debugging websites is also important in this role, so web developer should have effective troubleshooting skills and be able to track down bugs through close examination and testing. Code optimization and data access speed.

• Team coordination –web developer needs to work with teams of programmers, so effective collaboration and coordination are vital, especially to ensure that back-end and front-end elements work together seamlessly.

• Problem-solving – web developer often needs to find answers and solutions to coding issues and software problems. Should be able to work under extreme pressures.

• Communication – effective written and verbal communication are necessary, both to interact with team members and to prepare usable documentation throughout the development cycle.


Academic Qualifications

• Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Computer Software or another related field.


• At least 4 years of progressively responsible professional experience in systems analysis / development of IT systems required with at least 1 year working with Government of Afghanistan departments/authorities/commission

• Advanced hands-on experience in software/database development, at least 2 completed projects related to web data entry and reporting systems.

• Hands on experience in development of smart phone/tablet applications and web services.

• Advanced skills / hands-on experience in software development of desktop, web applications and web services on Microsoft Visual Studio using C# and/or VB.Net.

• Ability to work in a multi-cultural, demanding work environment.

• Advanced skills and hands on experience with model view controller-MVC apps.

• Good Knowledge of JavaScript using Angular.js and jQuery and CSS using Bootstrap.

Submission Guideline

Qualified candidates should submit a Cover Letter and Resume to out portal (careers.ahg.af) and link below:

Click here for apply

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